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Featured Client Testimonial

I have worked with Charles for nearly 20 years, relying on him for legal insight on a variety of personal and business issues. Attorney Kelly is not only an excellent attorney, he is also an excellent human being. Professionally he has excellent executive skills. He works for you with genuine enthusiasm and professionalism, promptly returning phone calls, making appointments and efficiently conducting business. He effectively narrows options down, always finding the best path for you, even if it means more trouble for him. He has demonstrated his versatility to me on numerous occasions and is always ready for a challenge.

Charles is a legal tiger when it comes to other lawyers and courts. Never disrespectful always professional. On a personal front, Charles is simply a wonderful person, kind, gentle and a great guy to just talk to.

I don't hesitate for a second to recommend his services for any situation large or small.

Raimund W.


I have known Attorney Charles Kelly for over 10 years. I have worked with him as a legal aid and recently as a Foreign Legal consultant. I myself was one of his clients: he represented me in a case against another lawyer who committed malpractice in a trustee situation that involved my life insurance. He was able to recover the money which I had paid. Attorney Charles Kelly is a qualified professional who defends the best interests of his clients with passion. He is also a compassionate attorney who works provides pro-bono services. He registered a company called The Brazilian Total Assistance, a non-profitable organization that has helped hundred of Brazilian clients to get free legal services, including guidance about domestic violence, health care, and immigration. Attorney Charles Kelly has provided services to them in the areas of family, criminal, business, workers compensation, and personal injury law. He has become very well respected in the international Brazilian community. He also represented me in an international matter and successfully, through a Demand Letter, was able to collect my money against an Australian company. Attorney Charles Kelly has good dispute and resolution skills and is very competent. He has given me legal guidance and good advice on my International Divorce case. He also has worked with me in securitization and monetization of financial instruments, in addition to contract reviews. I have been appointing him as a paymaster on my international monetization cases.

I have introduced many clients to Attorney Charles Kelly with a variety of legal problems: family, criminal, corporation, collections, injury cases. They all have been satisfied with his work and made positive comments about his professionalism and ethical way of working.

I truly recommend his services to clients and friends in need of legal advice related to his expertise.