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Dog Bites Attorney in Hingham, Massachusetts

How to File a Lawsuit for a Dog Bite

Speak with A Personal Injury Attorney in Hingham, MA

Millions of people suffer from dog bites annually. If you’re one of the victims, hire the Law Office of Charles Kelly to take your case. We’ll plan an effective strategy for you to get your due compensation. You can sue the owner for physical damage and also for any emotional injuries you’ve suffered.

In Massachusetts, you have three years to file your claim. If you wait longer than that, you risk losing your chance at restitution. Be proactive with your legal issue. Call now to schedule a dog bite consultation in Hingham, Massachusetts.

Hold the Dog Owner Accountable

You Can Sue for More than Just a Dog Bite in Hingham, MA

Massachusetts law covers any physical damage a dog causes you or to your property. A dog owner is liable for your injuries if:

  • You weren’t trespassing on the owner’s property

  • You didn’t provoke the dog in any way

  • The dog chewed through your fence

  • You’ve been traumatized by the incident

Don’t let a negligent pet owner ruin your life. Contact the Law Office of Charles Kelly today to speak with a practiced personal injury attorney in Hingham, Massachusetts.